The Necklace

On this entry,i would like to elaborate my opinion about another short story that i have read, "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant.

From my reading, i can understand that this story is about a couple of husband and wife who living in poverty. One day her husband got a invitation to a great occasion for her. They have made a wrong decision,go to the occasion. They should know and aware of the lack of them selves. The one day happiness have make them suffer for ten years later.

After reading this story,i felt that we need to think twice before make any decision. Happiness is not all about great occasion,jewelry,and luxury. For me myself, i think happiness is when we have a good time spend with the one we love and have time for myself. Maybe Loisel can bring his wife take a walk by the beach,that does not involve a really high cost.

Honestly, after reading this story, i realized that we can not pursue a provisional happiness until at the end its suffer ourselves. Maybe if Mr Loisel does not ask his wife to go for the occasion, they do not need to incur all the debt.

Besides, we need to be honest towards others. Mr and Mrs Loisel should honestly tell Madame Forestier about the diamond necklace. Who knows,from the honesty maybe Madame Forestier can forgive them and discuss the way to replace it.

I think this story will be end with Madame Forestier forgive Mathilde and she impressed when Mathilde and her husband try very hard to replace the necklace. But at the same time Madame Forestier also grieving with the attitude of the two couple for not telling her the truth.

Lastly, the character i love the most in this story is Madame Forestier,because she is not stingy to lent the very expensive necklace to Mrs Loisel.

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