Mango Moods

Assalamualaikum, Miss Nadia. and all readers

      Second short story that i have study is, 'Mango Moods' by Reeta Mani. From this story,i can conclude that most of the elite level are very conscious of their dignity. Especially among the older people. From the short story,this element shown when the Narayani amma, Prasad's mother disagree with Chitra's mother's suggestion,to adopt a child since Chitra can not give Prasad a child yet. Narayani amma said that they are high caste Brahmins and their family heir must have their blood and she will not accept any other child to be her grandchild. In my opinion, all men are created equal. Nothing can make them different,included money and rank. When god say yes,then it is yes, even a king can fall into a beggar and a beggar can be a king. As a human being,we can not be too cocky.

      Next is,from my reading,while the writer highlight about the mango trees laden heavily with fruits that remind Chitra about her parents,wonderful childhood in a cozy village and the process of making pickle, the writer also relate a common family problem,where the wife had barren womb,hated by mother-in-law and many more. This is a common problem happen in the society. Everyone hope a child from a marriage,but as a mother,they should give moral support to their child and son or daughter-in-law.

      I love the character of Chitra and Prasad. Chitra still endure even she had to hear all the constant taunts,stinging remarks, and the immense physical and mental agony. She is a strong woman.
While Prasad also a really patient husband and son. He did not hurt his mother at the same time,he still love and not annoy his wife,Chitra.

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