Twelve and not stupid

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to my ELC 150 lecturer, Miss Nadia, and fellow friends, also my blog reader :)

hello-hello!! i would like to give some opinion on my short story reading, titled " Twelve and not stupid"

Opinion :
The character i like the most is 'I' in this story. This is because she is a good daughter to be. She has been taught perfectly. From the phrase "My goodness,she is so courteous for her age" said by her mother's friend,this show that she is a very polite girl. She is also 'not stupid' to think the relationship between her Papa and Auntie May.

Question 1: If you were 'I' in the story, what would you think of the relationship between Papa and Auntie May? Provide some reasons.

Answer: If i were 'I' in the "Twelve and not stupid" , at the first place i will be thinking that Auntie May is Papa's girlfriend. This is because, Papa asked not to tell Mama about Auntie May. If she is not Papa's girlfriend, he has no reason why I can't tell Mama about the present of Auntie May. Auntie May maybe can meet Papa at home if she really need help. Why they must met in secret. This make me thinking that Auntie May is actually Papa's girlfriend.

Question 2 : Do you like the story in general? Why?

Answer: No, because their life style in this story can't be the good example for the readers. How ever, its still have a good value in this story. For example, the twelve years old daughter has taught to be discipline and respect others,this can be the good example in raising children.

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  1. saya rasa better kalau letakkan sekali theme, character dan moral value bagi memudahkan pembaca mendapat maklumat yang lebih terperinci. ur blog is nice.


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